Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's a....

We're SO excited! Lots of people thought I was having a girl, but I'm so happy I'm having another boy! I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I am totally a boy mommy! BRING ON THE SPORTS!!! This does mean we MAY have another baby in the future? My cousins all have 2 boys and 1 girl, and Grant's family its that way too. So, maybe we'll have one more baby.... BUT, NOT FOR AWHILE! This mama is going to need some time from making babies until at least one is in school! AND SOME WINE! ;)

Jake is going to have a best friend only 17 months younger than him! We think we even have a name. But, I'm not ready to post that. Grant and I have not fought about names. We actually agree on most of them. So, that has been nice. Grant and I will teach these little boys that they are best friends, and that while they will be competitive, they must strive to be the best THEY can be as individuals, and always protect each other. Brothers should be best friends. I will make sure that I give everything I have in me to teach them that. Us Greeks stick together ya know! ;)

Last night I was able to celebrate my 31st birthday. Some of my closest friends and I went to dinner and then we had the baby reveal. I just had my cake decorated with the color blue. Pretty simple. I had so much fun! After dinner we even danced. Then we pretty much all turned into pumpkins around 11pm and needed to get back to our babies and baby sitters watching our little ones. So funny how things have changed with all of us over the years! Thank you so much for all that came and celebrated with Grant and I. I'm so fortunate for such wonderful friends.
Thank you Grant for celebrating my birthday all week. Making me feel special by all that you did for me. I'm one lucky girl. I swear my birthday is officially over now. 2 BOYS! We've always talked about creating a family... and look at us! You are a great dad! Jake loves you so much! He lights up when you walk in the room! I do too! You are my best friend and the love of my life! Thank you for working so hard so that I can stay home and raise our children. Thank you for loving me even when I'm cranky because I'm pregnant and not sleeping again! Thank you for letting me be me. Your my rock, and I appreciate you! Love you more everyday!

Belly pictures to come. I'm officially 14 weeks today! I will post them every weekend. I can't believe I'm back to taking these pictures! I swear I just stopped taking them! ha ha. This go round, no actual bare belly shots. :)

Cheers to health and happiness!

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  1. Oh, so happy for you! Congrats and happy birthday!:)


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