Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coming St. Patty's Day 2012...

Baby Stone #2!
Yes, it's true! I'm pregnant with our second baby! I am due March 18, 2012! Jake and baby #2 will be 17 months apart! Grant and I are so excited! We have been praying so much, and feel so lucky that God is going to let us be parents again for the second time!

I've have know for the longest time! I found out when we were visiting my parents over the Fourth of July! Grant had just flown home (a few days earlier for work), and I stayed a little longer with my parents. I wasn't feeling great, so I went to the store and got a test. I took the test... positive! And then I thought... could it be? SO SOON? I decided to take 2 more! All positive. I immediately screamed my mom's name and she came up stairs for the news... and then told my dad, and grandma. Then my mom and I plotted how we would tell Grant! I took a picture of the test, and emailed it to him... I waited patiently for him to get it and call me! He was SOSOSO excited! I went to the doctor when I got home and found out that I was only a little over 4 weeks. Like I said, I have been patiently waiting to scream this news!

Grant and I went yesterday to an early detection ultrasound and already know the sex of the baby as well! We are having a little reveal at my birthday dinner this Friday night. So, check back Saturday for the update! Today was my regular OB appointment. Everything went great, and baby #2 is well on their way! I'm such a happy mommy!

The last few years have been so wonderful. I just feel so lucky and blessed for this opportunity to be a mommy again. I'm so happy, and cannot wait for our second baby to be here! I'm 13 weeks and 3 days. So, I have quite awhile to go... but, it's already going by so fast! Perhaps it's because Jake keeps me so busy? :)

My 30th birthday was exciting because Jake was born just a few days before it, and now my 31st birthday I have the news of baby 2! Thank you to all my friends and family that have called, texted, and facebooked me. I feel so special, and have had an awesome day!

Cheers to another year!


  1. Ahhhh!! Congratulations Brooke! I'm just one week shy of you ;)


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