Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 months

I totally forgot to post these pictures when Jake turned 1... Almost a month ago now!

Jake is really turning into a big boy. As sad as that makes me, it also makes me very proud! Here are the monthly updates on my little guy...

~ Jake started walking the week of his birthday.
~ Jake is 26 lbs, and 32 inches long. He's in the 90%.
~ He's wearing 2T/3T shirts, and 24 month pants.
~ He's talking all day long. Some words are the standard momma, Dada, baba, etc. Then he has some new words like, "get". He says get when he wants something! And the other day after I told him no he repeated it. hmm.
~ No longer on formula. I stopped breastfeeding when he was 9 months old. And started formula. He is now only on organic whole milk.
~ Jake is down to one bottle at night. Only sippy cups for this big boy!
~ He loves the swings, and playing with other kids. He loves watching older boys play. He's going to be so excited to have a brother to play with in the future. ;)
~ Still in size 4 diapers. He's been that size for months! The still fit good.
~ He loves to help me clean up. If he sees me putting things away, he helps me.
~ HE LOVES PUZZLES. I have a puzzle that he takes the pieces out and puts them back according to shape and color and he plays with that a lot.

Here are some pictures with his last picky sticky's on!

Proud mommy!

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