Friday, September 2, 2011

Jake's 1st Birthday fun!

Yesterday Liz and I took the kiddos back to The Aquarium of The Pacific in Long Beach. I wanted to do something special for this actual birthday... but, nothing crazy since we celebrated on Saturday. It was beautiful yesterday. We thought that with schools back in it wouldn't be crowded... wrong! It was super crowded, so we couldn't really let the kiddos run around. And at their age that's all they want to do. Explore. They did great though. Thank you Liz and Victoria for being such good friends of ours. :)

We also had lunch there. There was so much going on, so they didn't eat much. But, we brought lots of snacks for them to munch on. I love watching Jake's face figure things out. Looking at everything, and touching things. Children are so smart. 

Telling Jake what he's looking at.

Grant and I bought Jake this Radio Flyer wagon and have been taking family walks every night. Jake loves his wagon. He likes to take his pal Mickey with him.

Have a good weekend friends!

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  1. We missed you by a day! Love that wagon, he is too cute!


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