Sunday, October 2, 2011

16 weeks - 4 months

I haven't been posting pictures of the baby bump, because I'm now finally getting one. I thought it would be cool to post what is going on with me in the frame that I bought... however, I will have to write bigger next time... it's pretty hard to read.

Things are going very smooth! I felt pretty sick in the beginning of this pregnancy... little bit of nausea. But, now I'm great! I didn't eat a whole lot of stuff until more recently as well. I'm finally starting to crave certain things as well.

This child is just like Grant already! I want cheese sauce every day! If I had cheese sauce I would probably put it on everything I eat. It's so bad! I would have NEVER eaten it if I wasn't pregnant! I have to have jalapenos with it as well. Also, I'm eating Thai and Chinese food. LOVE SPICY THINGS! That is what this baby is getting from me. I was like that with Jake until the heartburn kicked in. So, the plan.... eat spicy until that heartburn keeps me from eating anything with spice! ;)

We think we have a name all picked out... but, I'm not totally ready to announce it. Since I named Jake... Grant had the opportunity for baby #2's first name (of course we have to agree on the name). Grant picked Jake's middle name, and I'll pick baby #2's. It's a good little system for us. We haven't really fought over names. We generally like the same names. So that's good!

Everything is going just peachy! My last appointment went well, and I go back on October 11th. There is nothing better than seeing the little baby grow and hearing that heart beat! I just love him already!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. I turn a new week every Saturday.

Can you all believe I'm already 4 months??

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