Friday, June 24, 2011

42 weeks

Jake is really getting fun! He's cruising on furniture, enjoying meals with us in his high chair, eating "big people" food, laughing, etc. He's becoming a big boy! The Bjorn is almost impossible for me to use. He's getting too heavy for me. I still use it... but, only when I have to.

This is a big weekend for me. On Saturday I'm going with a girlfriend wine tasting, and then having a spa day on Sunday. Why is that a big deal? It's my first night away from Jake! He's almost 10 months old! Even though I was conflicted with booking this weekend, I just feel like I need a little me time. I'm thankful that my husband will be with my little man while I get a night out with a spa day! Jake is in the best of hands! I'm glad I'm going with a girlfriend that has a little one as well. This will be her first time away from her baby too. We will have each other to talk to about our nerves and our excitement! I have not been away from Jake for a long period of time yet. As nervous as I am... I'm in need of wine and spa day!

Here are some pictures from the week. I will post pictures of this weekend on Monday morning.
Little man and I lounging.
Stroll and Savor over the week. Went with some of our friends... Jakey even went and treated us to dinner. 
I took this picture during a walk that Jake and I took. Beautiful, right?
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!
Love and cheers,


  1. Have a great time this weekend! The first time away is always hard, but it's definitely necessary to get a break now and then. I think it makes me a better mom when I get a little time away to regroup. (Not that I know ANYTHING about time away with a new baby again!)

    P.S. That picture is beautiful... I love hydrangea.

  2. Have fun! It will be good to get away! It took us forever to finally leave Addison, and I was leaving her with my parents. We must have called them a million times! Imagine all of the people out there that leave their kids when they're a month old or less? Eek!


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