Saturday, June 18, 2011

41 weeks

Baby center sends me an email every week alerting me what week my son is and what his milestones should be. I'm not sure if I'd be able to remember what week he is anymore. I lost track around 6 months. Now, I usually go by months. Jake is 9 months old. :)

This little character has really been on the go. He's crawling and standing everywhere. He stands up and lets go... and either grabs what's next to him or lands on his booty. Does this mean he's going to walk soon? YIKES! He totally has a personality now. I'm just so lucky to have this little monkey. He's amazing. I love him to pieces.

Tuesday is his "9 month" baby well appointment. I will update stats then. I noticed he's slimming down... wonder if it's because he's moving all over or growing taller? Perhaps a combo of both.

Until next week!

Happy weekend!

Some pics from my cell:
Big boy!

Giving himself a kiss in his mirror. ;)

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