Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I'm proud to announce...

That my baby brother (OK, he's 29 and has been married since 2007) is going to be a daddy!!
We are 17 months apart! We grew up like twins!

I'm just so excited!! Can you tell?

Ashley is 13 weeks today! I couldn't be happier for them! Growing up Marty and I didn't have cousins close in age. My uncle Phil (Mom's brother) didn't have his first baby until I was 14. And even though we are close now... growing up Marty and I only had each other. We always said that we wanted to have kids close in age... AND... BAM. Jake is 9 months and Baby Spellman is due December 20th.

My sister in law Ashley :)
I just can't believe that we are going to have babies close in age. This is the most exciting thing ... ever! I'm pretty sure this is going to make me want baby #2 now. Then Jake can protect baby Spellman (if it's a boy they are naming him Martin John Spellman V - HOW COOL IS THAT), and then Jake and Baby Spellman can protect Stone baby #2. OK, I'm really getting ahead of myself. I just am so happy!

Marty and Ashley are high school sweethearts. Ash has been in my life for 11 years! She has become a sister and most importantly a close friend of mine. :)
Mart and Ash's wedding 11-11-2007

My wedding. 4-18-2009
The day I found out I was pregnant. We went to watch my cousin Bryan play hockey.
Uncle Marty there from the beginning of Jake's life!
 This is such a wonderful year for our family. I mentioned back in April that Ginny (Grant's sister) is due in August as well! I can't wait to meet that little boy! Jake is a lucky little guy to have Jackson (Ren and Lee's son), Ginny and Dave's baby due in August, and then Marty and Ashley's due in December to grow up with!

Happy Tuesday friends/family!

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  1. Congratulation to your brother & his wife!:)


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