Sunday, October 3, 2010

First night out!

Last night Grant and I got a babysitter for Jake. It was our first night out! We had Brian and Natasha's wedding at the Greek Orthodox Church. Our baby sitter is Katy's (my best friend) cousin Michelle. She is a professional nanny. She is great! Not only does she know more about newborns then me, she is kind and trustworthy! I was actually comfortable with her baby sitting. Even though I worried about Jake I knew he was in good hands.

We planned on having Michelle here from 4:30pm - 8:30pm (I think this was a good start!). Before we left for the night things didn't go exactly as planned... I went shopping in the afternoon to pick up a few items and to look for a dress for the wedding (let's be honestly ladies... I'm not a size 2 right now... and it seems like I always wore VERY form fitting clothes). When I went to show Grant I looked at the size and noticed I grabbed the wrong size!!! I started freaking out! So... Grant quickly said, "Honey, were did you get it, what size, and I will take it back." This was all during the OU/Texas game as well (OU is one of Grant's favorite college teams). I went upstairs to take a shower, put the baby in the bassinet and jumped into the shower. This was the worst shower I have EVER taken in my whole life! As soon as I got in and got wet I heard the baby start to cry... Knowing he was just fed, and changed, I thought... he can cry a little... I'll be out soon. NOPE! His simple cry turned into screaming! So, I jumped out of the shower! I had wet hair and non shaven legs. Great, right? So, I picked up the baby, laid down with him and waited for Grant to get home. 4pm: I still had wet hair, needed to shave, and no make up on.... Did I mention we were leaving at 4:30pm? Yea, you can't make this up! So, finally the little guy fell asleep and I jumped back in the shower and hustled. 4:30pm: baby sitter arrived, and I was not ready... still hustling and trying to give the baby sitter that knows more than me directions on my precious baby! 4:50pm: I'm finally ready... Reception started at 4:30pm and we were on way! Baby was left in good hands, awesome hubby taking me out, and a momma in need of a glass of wine! 
(In the car on way to the wedding)
Grant and I had a great time hanging out with friends. Natasha looked beautiful! Brian looked so happy! I absolutely LOVE weddings! I had 2 glasses of wine (OK... really like a full glass), and even danced with Grant. Lots of Michael Buble. One of our favorite singers.
 (At the wedding)

My baby love.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Love and cheers,


  1. Doesn't it just seem like we have "those" days at the worst time??? You looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Glad you had so much fun and wonderful date night with Grant! :)

  2. Ahhh. so glad you made it and had a great time. Way to go mom!! You look so beautiful and happy. Take care and ps Jake is so cute.. :)


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