Thursday, September 30, 2010

1 month old

Jake is 1 month old (as of yesterday)!

I love him more and more everyday... And yes that is possible. Becoming a mother is the best gift I have ever been given. It's the hardest thing I have ever done, but its the most rewarding.

Jake is 9lbs and 13 oz (as of Tuesday), and he is now wearing size 1 diapers. He's getting pretty darn big.

It's been so hot here in CA so J has been lounging in his diaper a lot lately. I haven't really been swaddling him because he hates it. However, I now have 3 Swaddle Me's and a miracle blanket I will now try. Is it bad to swaddle with the arms out? Or not swaddle at all? My little man squirms around so much the blanket falls off! He hates it... I mean, he will yell out when I begin to swaddle. He likes his arms over his head, and his legs stretched out... Can you blame him? Poor thing was Frank Breech for 3 months!

This weekend Grant and I will have our first babysitter look after Jake. We are going to Grant's friend Brian's wedding. We wont be able to make the ceremony, but we will be attending the reception. Jake can only have one bottle so I'm we are planning on having the sitter come from 4:30pm - 8:30pm. This is a big deal for me. He can only have one bottle because he is only 4 weeks and because the lactation specialist said that may cause him more gas. WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE GAS. Poor little man.

Anyhow, things have been good. He is no longer sleeping like he was in the beginning. After doing LOTS of reading and talking to other moms this is normal. They will tend to sleep less at this point and then begin to sleep again in a few more weeks. YIKES. I'm up most the day and night... with an occasional nap. The naps are hard because I find myself catching up with laundry, cleaning up, and oh I don't know...eating?! But, I know this gets better. I'm wondering how moms with twins do it. Kudos to you all!

I have been getting lots of messages from family/friends asking how I'm healing and asking about c-sections. I'm doing great! Every day is better! The first week was the toughest and you will need help. Other than that... it's not so bad! Take a look at my other blogs for more information I've posted... or give me a call... I'll tell you more! Thank you all for asking about my health!

Well, nothing more to report. He's growing and gaining weight above average, and he looks even more like his daddy. I can't wait to see how he changes from month to month!

Here are some pictures from over the week:
(example of how he sleeps)
With his best friend Colton (Kristyn's baby)
 Jake 3week - Colton 1 week - Jack 6 weeks
 Hey mom!
 1 month old... Napping before work.
 No more pictures mom!
I know... I'm cute!
Hope you are all having a great week!

Love and cheers,


  1. He is so cute! I miss having a newborn, but not the strange sleeping patterns that they have. As far as the swaddling goes...oh my goodness! If they don't like it, there is no point. I had the Swaddle Me, a few sleepsacks, etc. Addison HATED being swaddled. I would swaddle her like they did in the hospital, and she looked like she was in a straight jacket. She was so strong, she would literally escape. We would just laugh while we watched her. She would slowly move one arm up until it broke free, and then do the same with the next arm. She always wanted her arms up, and when she was able to roll to her side, wanted to sleep on her tummy. Of course I never let her because of the whole sleeping on the back thing, but from what I am reading, some doctors suggest letting them sleep the way that they are comfortable, especially if they have trouble sleeping. Now I know that she would have slept so much better on her side or tummy, which is what she loves, but there was no way I would have done that as a first time paranoid mom!

    I am glad you are doing well! I have always heard that the first week or two with a c-section are a struggle. My mom and Carlos had to force me to sleep when Addison was born, so I can't imagine not being able to do certain things physically.

    Just remember to have fun with him, and definitely sleep when you can!

  2. Emery hating being swaddled. I tried different types and sizes of blankets and it just never took. So, we stopped trying. I think it is fine, but they say don't use just a lose blanket. If they need warmth, stick with footie jammies. She ended up sleeping better and was happier!
    He is too cute Brooke! Isn't motherhood the greatest?! I swear it gets more emotional over time and there simply aren't words to contain the love a mother feels for their child. Just wait until he runs to you saying Mommy and lands a big smooch on you!
    Lots of delta love.


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