Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First bath! 5 WEEKS

Well, I have been giving Jake sponge baths... but, not the real thing... I had to have his belly button cauterized because there was still a little piece of umbilical cord inside his belly button... anyhow, Jake had his first bath last night!

Everything he does is such a big deal to me... I know all mom's feel this way. How can you not?

He did OK. From the beginning he hasn't been a big fan of diaper changes, and getting wet. But, we have gotten past the drama of the diaper changes. When we first put him in the sink he was freaked out! And as we put more water on him he started to relax. I guess he just didn't know what his crazy mom and dad were doing!

I would like to complain about the Puj tub. I hate that thing! What cheap material and it breaks apart when Jake sits on it. Grant assembled it just as it stated. Anyhow, I will not be using that again. I have a bath tub as well for Jake.

Here are some PG pictures of our little man. I not big on posting pictures of my little guys private parts! What if he runs for office one day? Gotta keep that stuff private! ha

Oh! And lastly, at his doctors appointment Tuesday we weighed Jake and his weight is now 10 lbs and 7 oz. HE'S GETTING SO BIG!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Love and cheers,


  1. How about that! I live in Oklahoma City area. Hi! I am over Christian Mom Bloggers to follow you. Come visit me at

  2. I hate the stupid PUJ tub too!!! It took me a few weeks but I finally found a bath seat I love. B loves it too and loves his bath time because his mommy's no longer a basket case over bathing him :)

  3. new reader here! I'm sorry you're not loving your tub. both of my SILs have one and have loved them! they didn't have any issues with them coming apart and their babies looooove bath time. I'm planning on getting one too after my little one is born. Maybe the sink you're using isn't the right size? I don't know. but it sure is a cute tub and your son is darling too! congrats!


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