Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 weeks old and Great Grandma's visit to CA

My grandma came to visit and help me with Jake for the last week. It was so nice seeing my grandma again (haven't seen her since my family baby shower in Boise in June), and for Jake to meet his GREAT grandma! Jake loves his grandma's. She slept in our room and helped when Jake would cry or just be fussy. She knew exactly what to do (not shocking since she's been around for all of us)! I was actually able to sleep after I fed Jake. She burped and rocked him until he fell asleep. 

We were able to go to lunch, dinner, and even did a little shopping while she was here. When my parents were here I was just home from the hospital healing so we didn't go anywhere other than the doctors! It was nice to get out and hang out with my grandma. Now I can't wait for my parents to come back so we can get out and do things!! :) 

When my grandma left yesterday... It made me so sad... Like usual I'm left thankful and feeling blessed to have them... but, then feeling lonely because they live out of state. I always imagined being able to go home when I have kids and have my parents be around for everything. My parents moved 6 years ago... I grew up 20 minutes from where we live now. I can still go home... but it's a 3 hour plane ride, and a 2 day drive.  It's so hard when my family leaves. I get so emotional. It doesn't seem to get easier... only harder. To all my friends that have parents locally ... thank them. Love them. Appreciate them. I wish my parents lived closer. I wish I could just go home for dinner. Take Jake home for my mom to babysit. I wish I can go to the home I grew up in... all the wonderful memories. I know Grant and I are making our own family, and will create our own memories for Jake to remember... I just wish I could share a little of where I grew up. I will teach him the things my parents instilled in me. I'm a lucky girl for those in my life that constantly love and support my family and I. 

Here are some pictures from the last week:
The moment she got a hold of him he would fall asleep!
Out cold on grandma
 Katy and Grandma
Jake's great grandmother
 Walking around the peninsula...
Love and cheers,

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  1. Yes, it is SO hard being away. My grandparents used to live 7 houses away from me and they now actually live in my parents house. I miss my SO Cal family so much.


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