Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dinner with friends, our babies... and...

Grant and I had dinner with The Waldrip's on Saturday night. They had us over and barbecued. It was fun to be out with another couple... and enjoying wine again! Their baby Owen is 2 months older than Jake. So, they are basically the same age. It's so nice to hang out with a couple that are going through the same thing as you! Sleepless nights, stuck in the house, gassy babies, limited wine ;)... and at the same time... first smiles, first laughs, first coos, first hugs... etc. Good with the bad right? 

Becoming a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me. The love that I have for Jake is indescribable. Even when I've been up all night... I look at Jake just staring at me and think how lucky I am to be his mother. Watching him grow these last 5 weeks has been so amazing. I thank God for this blessing.

Here are some pictures of Jake and Owen:
Jen and I
Grant and Matt
It's funny with EVERYTHING... I mean EVERYTHING we have for Jake... The items he likes and doesn't like. We and our family have spent so much on wonderful items for Jake. He hasn't taken a liking to all. In fact, he HATES the swing we bought (the one I made Grant spend $200 on), he hates the slings I have bought... etc. Here are a few things of Owen's that I'm buying this week!!!
Jake LOVED Owens sling! 
Hope this helps other mommies! I'm sure you can find these items elsewhere and cheaper if need be... But, these are the sites I will be going buying them from... 

Love and cheers,

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  1. I love learning from all these mommies! I too have heard to beware what you spend your $ on...because you have no idea what your little one will like. I've been given some amazing lightly used items like our stroller and baby play mat that can easily be washed before we use it with our little guy. We purchased an expensive swing from a friend that had a baby that thoroughly dislike it. So, it was like new!


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