Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Today was a good day...

Slept more than usual. Took a shower BEFORE everyone went downstairs for the morning. Got everyone ready, and dropped off to school. Housekeepers came. Starbucks in hand. Candle lit. AND dogs fed. BOOM.

Today has been a great morning SO far!

It's the little things when you become a mom of multiple kids, right? Having one kiddo is tough too... you have nothing to compare it to. And you have someone relying on you 24/7 can be overwhelming. I felt that occasionally.... And then I became a mom of three.

THREE is a game changer. Your outnumbered. And it's probably not all that crazy if your kids are older and have school, or can do things all on their own. But, when you have three kids under five... They all need you. They don't understand being quite. Or that... you need a minute to clean yourself off after being thrown up on. Or that the newborn has finally closed their eyes, and is sleeping not on you... but solo. So, it's now time for mommy to quickly change, wash face, and brush teeth. Maybe even a bathroom break if there's time. If not, you hold the newborn at the same time.

Things you learn to do when you have a newborn is an amazing thing. Should we start a list of those? That would be a hilarious book! Or at least a funny blog! But seriously... when your newborn is fussy and you finally get them to close their eyes off of you... if ANYTHING wakes them up you may injury those involved. AM I RIGHT?

Today was a good day, because now I can catch up on things (in the house) that I have only had on a to do list. And as a organized/get it done kid of woman pains me to see that list grow. This morning... I can blog so that I can turn this into Scarlett's baby book when she's older to see what things went on around this house. I would assume she'll laugh also. She'll see what her stay at home mommy said and did with her and the family. The things we all did, the places we went, her milestones, and most importantly, how loved all my babies are.

So... I'm glad today I can catch up a little on what the Stones have been up to...

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