Friday, December 4, 2015

The boys!

The last few posts have been about my pregnancy and Scarlett. This post is about the boys now. They are growing so fast! They are such good boys who love school, friends, family, and all things silly! I'm having the best time watching them growing into little men. 

I do miss the days when they were both babies and we didn't have plans but whatever we wanted to do. When people would tell me that I would miss that stage, I thought they were crazy. I always thought it would be more even more fun when they started school and sports. I do LOVE the stage they are currently in, and all the stages of my little men... BUT, I still miss their baby stage. I have such wonderful memories of my mini minions. 

My new mommy emotions are running strong these days. I love to reminisce about the stages of my kids. I just love being a mom. :)

So... This is some of the stuff Stone boys been up to. In the middle of all of this I had a week of bedrest, and had Scarlett... So, not pictured are quite a few things also. My uncle and aunt took the boys to a Ducks hockey game, they went trick or treating with friends, G took the boys to Disneyland, movie dates, etc. 

Jake had a Halloween parade at his school:
 His class:
 Jake and Asher all dressed up for Halloween. Outfits made by mom. :)
 The boys served at church. Raising money for a Halloween - trunk or treat.
Lots of new friends at Jake's elementary school. Buds from now until High School!
 Asher had a field trip to the pumpkin patch.
 Asher just finished his second round of soccer at school.
 My mom was able to take Asher to his Harvest Day at school last week. :)
 Jake had a turkey parade at school! ha ha.
 While I was home with Scarlett, the boys went to my uncle and aunts house for Thanksgiving. They had quite the feast and even played bingo! The boys had such a fun time! They sent Grant home with tons of food for me. I have the best family!
Until next post! :)

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