Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas 2015 - part two

Grant's brother, and sister flew into town with their families the day after Christmas. I had my friend Katie Neesham take our pictures at the beach. She's so amazing to take our photos during the holidays, and with a newborn herself! Thanks again girl! 

As hard as it is getting the kids all to look, the tears (from parents and kids), and sweat (parents), it's pretty cool to see the end result. Renzi and his family live in Oklahoma City, and Ginny and her family live in Arlington. We are all over the place! Just wait until the kids go away to college, etc. I hope we can continue to get together and take these photos together. :)

There are so many little boys in the family. It's going to be awesome seeing them all grow up together. Now... we added Scarlett. The first and only girl (so far). She'll never be able to date, and no one will ever want to mess with her. 

I love each and every person in these pictures below. Thank you all for coming to visit us. We hope you had a great time. 
Nana with her grand kiddos.
The crew.
California Stones
Sweet moment.
In-laws and Out-laws. ;)
And then we finished up my brother and moms trip with another trip to the pier.
YA YA with the boys.
Ice cream!

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