Saturday, January 9, 2016

Scarlett Ann - ONE month

Scarlett is ONE month! Well, she's actually almost TWO months! Next week I'll be posting the next sticker picture for that. I started the sticker pictures with Jake, five years ago! And I have done them with all three kids. It's pretty neat to see how they've all changed. I have a Pottery Barn frame that holds all 12 months. I have them in my bedroom, and it's one of my favorite walls in my house.

Scarlett is so alert, and happy. The only time she's really fussy is when she's hungry. She LOVES to be held also. Which is a little challenging when you have two others running around needing things. We are learning how to adjust though. Other than the sleep (for me) everything is going well. 

The biggest problem I have is the dogs. One barks all the time in the house... and one barks all the time in the backyard. They drive me pretty much crazy. Brady by far is the worst. I know he's spoiled... but, now he's back at his bad habit. Pooping in the house. UGH! Even if he spends time outside... the moment I leave, he poops. He's clearly mad at me, and this is my punishment. He also did this right after I had Jake. Not sure how to break this habit. But, I'm working on it. Time out doesn't work quite the same with animals. ha! 

 Bath time.

Sleepy after 
My napping baby girl.
Snuggle time with brothers...

Jake and Asher are constantly hugging on Scarlett. They just love her so much. They haven't been frustrated with all the time I spend with her, or anything related to adding to our family. Sweetest big brothers. I try and capture the moments, because I know how fast it will go by... So, I wanted to post a few sweet moments.
 Silly girl stretching out. She's so long!
 Scarlett already has best friends. This is Paisley. They are a little over a week apart.
Her other soon to be bestie is below. Her older sister is in Jake's TK class. They will also be in TK together in 4 1/2 years.
Scarlett is 2 months next week. NEXT WEEK! WOWSA. I'm trying to take in every moment with her. Knowing this is our last baby, its bitter sweet. I love the whole experience from pregnancy, delivery, to watching their first year fly by in a blink of an eye... This little one has completed our family. We feel so blessed. Thank you for reading our stories!

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