Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pops and Ciney visit 2016

Another visit in the books for Scarlett and the boys! Grant's dad and step mom came into town for 4 days last week, and we surely enjoyed their visit!

The boys had a great time climbing all over pops (thanks for being a good sport with that!), and playing football in the backyard. We enjoyed the meals cooked, ALL the laundry Ciney did, and even a night out for dinner. :)

Pops and Ciney live in Maryland. They started their trip in Northern California, and made their way down to Southern California to see us! The boys couldn't wait until they arrived. They sat by the door when we knew they were close.

Thank you again for spending time with us, and loving on our babies. We miss you all already, and love you. Don't forget to FaceTime us often!
Breakfast and beach walk.
Newest grand baby! :)
Scarlett kept smiling at Ciney. She certainly loved her! 
Ciney brought a onesie that auntie Ginny bought for Scarlett. It's adorable! Thanks auntie Ginny!

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