Thursday, August 14, 2014

Keeping memories.

So... if you clicked on this blog and it isn't Stone Chic... you are still in the right spot. After I created "Hot Wheels & Heels" I got sad to think I couldn't go back and click on old posts. Posts that reflected my babies, marriage, friends, funnies, and my life in general. So... Stone Chic will be Hot Wheels and Heels. It will have to be under I guess I'm just NOT ready to let go. I still LOVE going back and viewing past entries.

Sorry to confuse you all. I will just update this site, and it will take on a new name. :)

Thanks for checking in with us, your comments, texts, calls, and so on. I value all that have been following us over the years. I'll keep "Hot Wheels & Heels" site and eventually go there. But, until then... you can keep following our lives here.

Cheers and love to all!

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