Saturday, August 23, 2014

Asher's 1st day of Preschool.

Asher started preschool in August, and is loving it! He is so happy to finally be at school, with his brother. I tried holding off Asher as long as I could, but he would kick and scream leaving the school after we would drop off Jake. Asher is doing great and working really hard. He is the youngest in his class right now. He's in class with 2 1/2 - 3 year old kiddos. He runs into class with a huge smile and puts his back pack in his cubby. He's so proud and happy. Then he gives Jake and I a hug, and starts to play.

I get to the school for pick up a little early because that's prayer time. I love to watch the little children learn about Jesus. They fold their little hands and start to pray.  They give thanks for their day and families. It's truly amazing. I hear all the little toddlers scream, "AMEN!" It made me teary eyed when I saw Jake do it for the first time, and same went with Asher's class.

I usually go and get Jake first, so that we can pick up Asher together (classrooms are right next to each other). We walk in to get him and he screams, "MOM!" Then he runs to his cubby, collects all of his things and hands it all to me, with a huge smile. He's so proud of all of his work. He gives Jake and I big hugs and we leave.
First day of school for Asher. Such a happy day for this little guy.
Asher LOVES his puzzles, just like his big brother does. He also LOVES the alphabet. He can recognize any letter in front of him. He's even learning to sing it. It's adorable. Such a little smarty.
 Stone boys.
Asher is in swim lessons now. Jake and Asher go Monday - Thursday 1:15pm - 2pm for the next 8 weeks. They have a 15 minute private lesson, and then 30 minutes of play time with a floaty on. They are doing so well.
Things have been busy, but great. We are finishing up such a fun summer. Lots of travel, fun in the sun, family time, and lots of growing. I am beyond proud of my little men, and continue to give thanks for every blessing in our lives. I hope everyone has had a great summer as well!

Thanks for stopping by and catching up with us.

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