Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer time fun!

We have been having such a fun summer. Best to date! We have been with family pretty much all summer. It's been awesome. Never a dull moment with these toddlers of mine!
 Lounging around.
 Handsome boy.
 Uncle Marty!

First time at the circus for the kids... and for Grant and I! My aunt and uncle had a suite for the whole family. Suites are great for kids. Espeically toddlers. When kids need to get up... they can! Stretch and sit back down. Or sit in the couches if need be. My kids pretty much watched the circus the whole time though.
Uncle Phil, Bryan, and Jake.
 First timers!
 Snow cones! Pretty tasty!
 Our family.
 Then my aunt and uncle had us all back over for dinner.
 Jake is learning how to maneuver chop sticks!
 Safe to say they had a great afternoon with my family. Asher was completely wiped out!
Jake had his first VBS (vacation bible school) experience. He had a great time. He also learned a lot. His school shares the campus with a Christian School. His whole class participated in the event. Asher wasn't old enough... next year! 
 Asher LOVES the alphabet! He knows all the letters. It's so adorable.
 We went to the OC Fair with the boys this year! Grant had to work, so Amelia and I took the boys. :)
 Amelia and Jakey!
 Playing games.
 Snow cones!
 Winner winner!
 My aunt and uncle came into town also! We went to the bay, and had a family dinner. It was so nice!
Then we road tripped to Big Bear Lake to visit my uncle, aunt, and cousins and their summer get away!
 The group!
 Older boys teaching the little boys how to catch goldfish in their mouths. haha.
 Happy boys in Big Bear Lake!
 Jake LOVES his cousin Bryan. Everyone fell asleep watching The Fox and The Hound.
Then on the way home... Jake got car sick coming down the mountain. Thankfully, I was prepared. This happened on our way to Utah last month also. I was able to clean everything up, put on clean undies and get back on the road. Both boys passed out on the drive home.
Hope your all having a great summers!

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