Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doctor visits in the comfort of your own home!

First off... I want to thank all of you that read my last blog and messaged me! WOW! I'm so overwhelmed by the friends and family that I have! My blogs are journals of our lives. It was very therapeutic to be able to type all that out. It was a VERY traumatic day for me, and it's been hard to get the thoughts that I was having out of my head. To be with your kids ALL THE TIME, and to be watching and playing with them, and tragedy could still strike... is shocking. I'm thankful and blessed.  :)
On to other things now... 

Have you ever had a house call from a doctor? 

Last night after dinner I noticed that Jake was laying on the couch and kinda listless. I went over to him and felt him. He felt very warm. I looked over at Asher and he seemed fine. I grabbed the thermometer and check Jake's temperature. It was 102.2. I thought it was strange. He was fine all day. Did great at the park, and at swimming lessons. I asked Jake if he had a sore throat, head, or ears. He said his one ear was really hurting bad. 

Jake rarely complains. He even got tears in his eyes, and kept saying how much pain he was in. I knew at that point he had to be seen. I checked Asher and he was fine. He continued eating his dinner... and Jake's. ;)

The thought of taking 2 toddlers to urgent care at 6:30pm made me almost cry! ha ha. Then I realized about this service my friend told me about. Medicast. She had liked it so much (she was actually on the news talking about it), and I had a free trial of it. So, I decided to use the app I downloaded and call a doctor to my home. It's an urgent care at home doctor call. My friend had used it and referred me. I decided to use it. 

The doctor showed up around 8pm. Grant was working late so it was nice to not have to take both kids into the urgent care that late at night. The doctor showed up, examined Jake, and prescribed medication. He even had the ear drops on him. It was awesome. Grant picked up the prescription on his way home, and I never even left the house. 

I hope all my friends with kiddos checks it out. Medicast. They even have their own app! Jake is doing great! No fever, and his ear pain is gone. I'm so thankful to have been able to try this and will be totally using this service again. 

Now... off to party plan for Jake's 4th birthday! NINJA TURTLE PARTY! 

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