Thursday, July 17, 2014

Road Trip 2014

We're back!

We took our first 17 hour road trip as a family, and the boys did great! We left our house at 2:30am and headed to Salt Lake for our first annual Spellman family reunion (aka My BIG fat Greek reunion). IT WAS AWESOME! Seriously... AWESOME! The drive to Salt Lake is about 10/11 hours. Once we got there we were greeted by my parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins! 

We had lots of food (and you better believe we had a BIG Greek dinner), laughs, new adventures, and LOTS of baseball games. My grandfather had a professional photographer come and take our family photos also. It was a blast. My family is hilarious, loving, loyal, and super fun! My kids didn't want to leave. But, knowing we were going to the second half of the road trip got everyone excited again!

After 3 days with my extended family, we piled in the SUV and took off to Boise, Idaho! We dropped Grant off at the airport (he had to fly back for some important meetings), and caravanned to Boise. I had my 2 toddlers, and uncle Dylan (my brother that's 7 years older than Jake) in my car, and my parents followed in their car behind us. 6 hours later... we made it! BOISE!

Grant flew out on the Fourth of July and stayed another week with us. So, I was with the kids for a total of 2 weeks there. That sounds like a long time... but, it wasn't. I miss them everyday. Seeing the joy on my kids faces the entire time we are there also makes my heart smile. 

We golfed, swam, played water guns, shopped, dined, relaxed, sat by the fire with smores, and much more. Because so much went on, it of course went by so fast. It was so hard leaving... like usual. This time there was even more tears. The tears of Dylan and Jake. Jake adores Dylan. "Uncle D." Jake sobbed as we left. And so did Dylan. Seeing their friendship and love grow is amazing. Best friends for life. Dylan is the best. Honestly, the best. He's so wonderful with the boys. Teaching them golf (Dylan is a super star golfer), baseball, soccer, and life lessons (taught by an 11 year old. He is wise beyond his years though). It's the sweetest. I miss him dearly. 

We left Boise on Saturday at 1pm. We made it in to Salt Lake (staying at my aunt and uncles for the night), at about 6:30pm. We went to dinner with my family again, and then went to bed. We left Salt Lake at 2:45am, and made it into Vegas by 7am. We stopped for gas and breakfast and got back on the road. We officially made it home by noon. There was quite a bit of traffic when we hit California. What a shocker! ;) The kids were so awesome. I would definitely drive to Boise again. I look forward to many more vacations and road trips with the boys. We now have 2 more visits with my parents left this year, so we are looking forward to that!

Here are some pictures from our super fun trip! We have so many pictures to look through. The photographer sent our CD with TONS of pics. I just saved a few to post for now. 
 Immediate family.
 My baby boys.
 My love and I.
 My grandfather and hubby are silly!
 My grandmother, aunt (my dad's older sister), cousins, and I.
 My mom and I.
 Our crew. And we are missing 2 uncles, 1 cousin and her 3 kiddos, and Brittany's kiddos, since they were sick at home with her hubby.
1st cousins.
My little cowboy.
My brother Marty and Asher.
 Asher jumped on the horse and took off!
 Asher loves his uncle Marty. He went everywhere his uncle went. Too cute.
 Ended our "Big Fat Greek Reunion" with a bang!
 On to a few Boise pics!
Uncle Dylan and Asher snuggles.
 The boys. Best buds.
 How you roll in Boise!
 Running through the sprinklers at 8 am!
 Party on the 4th!
Farmer's Market in Downtown Boise.
Making cupcakes with ya ya.
Enjoying the evening. It doesn't get dark until 10pm. Bedtimes were pushed back on this vacation. :)
 Golf with pop pop.
 Jake loves golf.
 The parks in Boise are cool!
 Super soaker fight!
And then we had 2 sleeping toddlers. They did great on our long road trip. I was very proud of my little men. I can't wait until our next adventure.

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