Friday, November 7, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed birthday party!

Jake turned 4 in September, and he wanted a TMNT party. Even though this was a few months ago, I still wanted to post the pictures of his birthday and update what he's been up to.

We had a bounce house, piƱata, lots of food, goodies... and I even made masks and had extra ninja turtle weapons.
Walking in, the kids were able to grab a mask of their favorite turtle, whatever weapon that turtle had, and their gift from Jake for coming.
I made these masks myself. So easy. I used felt, and green ribbon. The kids liked these more than the store bought masks we had here. Go figure! 
 Small turtle table. "Sewer themed."
My aunt made this really cool jello/worm dish! This may have been one of the first things gone!
 Happy Boy!
Craft time for the kids! What else will they do? MAKE NINJA TURTLES!
I cut everything out of foam style paper, and had funny eyes that I bought at Michael's, and little mouth pieces that I cut out of craft paper. 
 The kids had a blast, and ran like crazy! I would say it was the most successful party to date!
 Then my uncle and aunt had a dinner party for Jake as well. PS. DO NOT GET BLUE FROSTING CUPCAKES. IT WAS EVERYWHERE... AND STAINED EVERYTHING. I should have remembered Jake's 1st birthday party and the red "smash cake". My uncle, aunt, and cousins are so incredibly good to my boys and family. I love them dearly, and am so thankful for my family.
 Jake then had a party at school to celebrate his birthday. Birthday week is a real thing here people. He had the best time. I know that I will try to make every birthday special. Whether we do a small dinner as a family of 4, a huge birthday, etc. I love these little boys to pieces!
Facts about Jake:
1. Favorite color is blue. 
2. Wearing size 5/6 (small) in little boys. 
3. Favorite shows are: TMNT, Paw Patrol, Wally Kazam, and Peppa Pig. Favorite movies are: Fox and The Hound, Monsters U, Planes, and Frozen.
4. Jake loves all sports. His favorites are baseball, and football. And even golf! Thanks to his uncle D!
5. He can swim.
6. He loves art and crafts. 
7. He can spell his name, his brothers, and even mine! 
8. He loves school, and would like to go everyday. But, he won't be full time until next year when he goes to TK at his elementary school. 
9. He loves popcorn, peanut butter, pretzels, and goldfish. In that order. I just asked him. haha ;)
10. He's the sweetest little boy you've ever met. 
11. He likes to show his brother the ropes. 

There's so much more! Thought this would be cute to look back on one day and smile. On to more blogs to post! 

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