Friday, December 13, 2013

My boys.

These little dudes are best buds. They laugh, hug, kiss, talk, play sports, wrestle, yell, and do pretty much everything together. I know that they will grow to have their own friends, and lives, but I'm pretty sure these two are going to be tight. That makes me so happy... It literally brings tears of joy to my eyes.
They are so incredibly different and beautiful in their own way. I didn't realize how different two little brothers could be. I love seeing them grow and learn. Being a parent is such a blessing, and I'm so fortunate.
I'm so blessed that God gave me two, healthy little boys. 
And this man... I love him so! He works so hard for our family. I get to stay home and raise our boys, while he's out working. Thank you to this gorgeous man, and for our fabulous life. And thank you even more for our handsome boys. Smitten.
Happy weekend! 
Off to make crafts with the boys! I'll be posting pictures hopefully tomorrow of what we make.

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