Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thank goodness for the cell phone!

I used to have more time to blog... And sometimes I miss telling the funniest stories that happen during the day with these kiddos. I need to start using my blogpress app again, so I can document the funniness!

There are so many reasons I don't have time to blog... mainly to do with my growing boys! So for this blog I decided to post a few things we've been up to.

Last week we went Liz and Victoria's house... On the day below Victoria had a bounce house. The kids bounced all afternoon!
 While the big kids bounced... Asher sat with Liz and I. He just watched them, and played with his toys... Soon, he'll be partaking in the fun! He's so handsome.
 Asher is not only crawling all over the house... he's standing, and skimming the furniture. Grant and I predict that he'll be walking in the next 2 months!
 Grant's best friend has 3 kiddos. Jodie (Matt's wife), and I got together and had a play date. 5 kids under 3. It was actually pretty mellow... even for all the kiddos. ;)
 Jake got a new do... And yes, he looks more like Grant everyday. Love it. Such beautiful men in my life!
 Jake loves building with his blocks, playing with his cars, and puzzles. He is so mechanical!
 Asher focuses his time on trying to walk. OH MAN! He's getting close.
 Asher also has a new do... Baby FoHawk! My baby love.
Friday I had a girls dinner with a few of the girls. SO FUN! 
Today, Grant and I had the baby sitter for a few hours... so, we went to the gym (spin class), and then had a peaceful breakfast. Short, and sweet. I think we both enjoyed that more than the night outings. So, this upcoming week... we might skip the evening date, and just do the morning instead. The rest of the day was playing with the kids, and getting ready for an upcoming week!
So, there's a few weeks in photos. What would we do without our cell phones? I feel like I never miss a moment, because the phone is never far! I have some cool videos of the boys that I will post later this week. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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