Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aventures with Minnie Mouse...

If you knew me before children you would laugh at me... you would not believe all the Disney that goes on in my home. I was a Disney hater. Didn't understand the big deal with Disneyland, etc. I grew up going... I had yearly passes... I just didn't like going. I didn't like the crowds... I didn't like the mouse. YEP! I said it.

Growing up, I never watched a single Disney film. You may think I'm lying... but, I'm not. I didn't like the fact that there was always such a rough plot. Think about this for a moment...

1. Lion King: Dad dies... right out the gate.
2. Bambi: Mom dies...
3. Sleeping Beauty: POISONED!
4. ALL OF THEM have something terrible that happens...

But, as my husband would say... there is ALWAYS a happy ending.

My best friend Katy would laugh at me when I would talk about my hatred for Disney movies... She would say, "one day, you will watch them with your children, and love them!" I didn't believe her. Then I would tease her for her love all things Disney.


I married a Disney lover. My first born LOVES Mickey... and now my little man... has a girlfriend. Her name is Minnie Mouse. She goes everywhere with him. She plays cars, blocks, puzzles, go for rides in his car, in our car, sleeps with her, eats dinner with her, and so on. He loves with her. I have to admit. It's pretty cute.

I decided that I should be documenting this so that I can show him one day... how much he loved Minnie. So, here are some pictures I have of Minnie's travels...
Found Minnie in Jake's stroller.
Found Minnie in Asher's bouncer.
He gave Minnie water, and pretzel chips.
Talking about their big day together.
Out for a morning Ride.
Pushing his GF in the swing.
CONFESSION... I LOVE the movie Tangled. Yes, I really do. And I love all the Pixar movies too.
So, there you have it. I like Disney. I have a yearly pass, and I love going as a family! Watching Jake run around Toon Town, and watching Jake see Mickey for the first time was awesome! The older he gets, the more fun he has.... and me too! he he!

Until next time!

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