Monday, August 6, 2012

The fun never stops!

That can be translated so many ways, right?! Well, this time I mean it as all the fun we've been having this summer! Jake is almost 2! So, I started planning his birthday party... He's LOVES Pocoyo! That will be the theme this year. His party will be over Labor Day weekend. :)

We have one more vacation planned, and a few more birthdays... and then it will be fall! FALL!? Yep. Craziness.

So... Let the cell phone picture stream begin! First up, lunch with our friends and our growing families! The Wheat's came into town and we got to see their daughter Emery, and Tucker. They're adorable. I look forward to seeing them again and next time the kids playing more! It was kind of hard at the restaurant we were at! See Lex in that pic below? She had her baby girl 2 days ago! Mommy did great, and baby is beautiful (pic below of that)!
Then we went to Disneyland! We saw the new Cars Land, and Jake went on the Dumbo ride! Since we have a pass we go whenever we like, and usually only stay a few hours. Each time we go Jake goes on something new and exciting! The picture below pretty much sums it up. Cars Land, Dumbo, Toon Town craziness, and then... passed out in the back holding Mickey. Love.
Jake continues his swim lessons, and loves them so much! He's doing great! I'll have to post a video of his progress!
We've been over to Auntie Lizzie's house for our usual play dates. When I tell Jake we are going to Auntie Lizzie's he runs to the door and grabs my shoes, and then runs into his room and grabs his! He LOVES to play with Victoria, and see Liz.

Asher is getting so big! He's wearing 18 month onesies, and even sitting. He will fall over after a short time, so I don't travel far away from him. Now, he's trying to move into the crawling stance! Already? Yikes! I literally love on him all day. When he can talk I'm sure he'll tell me, "enough mom!" until then... I will continue to squeeze! It's hard not to when they are this cute!
My big boy and I! It's hard for me to believe that he'll be two next month! He's such a good boy! Curious, adventurous, happy, loving, inquisitive, and all around cute! Ha ha! I love watching him grow into the little person he is. :)
Grant and I had a day date in Dana Point, and the St. Regis Monarch Beach hotel. We had brunch, walked around, shopped, and relaxed.... It was so nice! I think its so important to take time for ourselves and our relationship. Even though we have so much fun with our kiddos, it's nice to take time away and have fun together. I always look forward to my time with my handsome man.
After brunch and shopping we stopped by and met Eloise "Looie"! She is beautiful and sweet as ever! I look forward to seeing her grow!
There's a little of last weeks happenings! Will continue to post! Have a happy week!

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