Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Colorado Springs Family Vacation!

We are back from our family vacation. We went with the Midwest Stones, and the Back East Badanes. I guess we are considered the West Coast Stones. Ha! Just kidding. :) I've never spent much time in Colorado, and I'm glad Renzi booked our stay at The Broadmoor. It was a wonderful place for families and children in general.

It was really cool seeing our growing families. All of our precious boys! 5 boy cousins to grow up and play together. That is so neat! Family vacation every year so that they can always remember these times, and hopefully caring on our traditions! There was a moment when Lee Anne and I were at the pool sitting next to each other, when Walker (4 days younger than Asher) and Asher started to communicate. These little cousins and their little personalities. Watching Asher and Walker communicate brought tears to Lee Anne's and my eyes. They seriously had their own little conversation. They were talking, smiling, cooing, and laughing.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Jackson (5 this month), and Asher.
 Uncle Renzi, Asher, and Walker (5 months 1/2 months)
Brothers with their boys.
West Coast Stones.
Ginny and I with Miller and Asher. Miller was giving Asher a hug! Too cute!

In the cabana with my boys...

My little fish. He's getting so good in the water. He's loves to swim!

After a long day of swimming, the boys took a nap... I drank some wine! 

One of the nights we ordered room service and a movie. 

Went to the zoo...

Miller (1 year in a few days)

And we had family pictures taken... Here's a sneak peak.
Jackson, Jake, Miller, Asher, and Walker. 5 boys under 5! 

And... what's a vacation without an Urgent Care of ER visit, right? UGH! One night Jake was feeling and looking sick, so we left dinner early to head back to our room... To start, he isn't much of a crier, and he was crying through dinner, and wanted me to hold him. I knew something was up then. Grant and I left, as soon as we got to the hotel, he "croup" cough started back, and he had a fever. It was a rough night. Asher slept mainly in the pack and play, and Jake slept with Grant and I. I didn't sleep much. I'm sure Grant didn't either. 4 people in the bed, is a little much! The next day we went into Urgent Care. Virus (from traveling on the play ... probably), and a cough. Poor little guy. And poor mommy and daddy... this was supposed to be vacation for us! Jake couldn't even go into the pool our last day. He carried around his floaties. It was sad. 

Brothers. Asher reached out to a sick brother. It was sweet.

Our last night (since Jake was sick), we stayed and hung out at the hotel grounds. The guys ordered and picked up dinner, and we sat outside and had a picnic. Good way to end the trip. All together. Here is the picture of the cousins 4 days apart. Finally a child that is the same size. BIG STONE BABIES. 

 Ginny, Grant, and Renzi with their kiddos.

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