Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sleep training (night 1 & night 2) for Asher.

The other day I woke up after getting a total of 4 hours (not consecutive) sleep. I was exhausted. It hit me. It's that time... Time for... The dreaded... SLEEP TRAINING!!

Our pediatrician said to wait until Asher was 6 months (although it would be safe to do it now... and he's 6 months next week), and for when we got back from traveling to start the process. He doesn't fit in his bassinet, and we all don't sleep when he sleeps next to me. And during the day he naps in his crib. It was kind of a no-brainer!

So, when Grant got home from work I told him our plan. I reread the book that I liked for Jake's sleep training, and we were set!

First, a good bottle of wine.

Second, a schedule that works for both boys. Jake has been on the same schedule for months. And now he is napping from 1pm-3pm, and down for the night at 7:30pm.

So, here's how it goes:

530pm/6pm: Dinner
6pm/630pm: Bath time
7pm: Reading books
730pm: Bed

Sounds reasonable, right? Here's the results from night one and two...

Night one:
6pm dinner
630pm bath
7pm fed and bed
705pm went in to check on him
715pm went in to check on him. Rubbed his back and sang him to sleep.
955pm fed and back asleep
1249am Grant went in and rocked him back to sleep... No feeding
249am fed and back to sleep
6am fed and back to sleep until 7am

Night 2:
530pm fed dinner
6pm bath
630pm books and quite time
645pm (he was trying to fall asleep in my arms) laid him down for bed
1am fed and back down
5am fed and back down
7am woke up

Jake is such a good sleeper now... But, he was a huge challenge in the beginning. I thought maybe Asher would be hard to sleep train too. Jake screamed for 2 to 3 hours when I first tried to sleep train him (when he was 7 months old). Reading back in my blog when I was going through that process with Jake made me laugh! I never thought I'd get through it (if your interesting in reading those stories search in my blog for sleep training). Asher has been pretty easy! So far so good! Next will be getting the naps in order!

Here is my happy napping baby!
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