Sunday, September 12, 2010

Surprise 30th birthday party!

Lately I've been feeling pretty fortunate. Fortunate for family, friends, and my happiness. I thank God everyday for my life and all that has been happening to Grant and I. One of the last things on my mind has been my 30th birthday. Some people make such a big deal about their birthdays... I generally do not. I always thought that 30 is a big one and should be celebrated even bigger... then... I got pregnant. I came to realize that my actual due date was September 9th. That is 4 days from my birthday. My birthday is September 13th. So immediately I knew this year would be about the baby.

Grant came to me earlier this week and said, "I know you don't want to take the baby out of the house yet, so I asked Katy to baby sit for an hour while we go to dinner with your family." At first I thought this wasn't going to work... how can I leave my week old baby? But, Grant and my mom convinced me that Jake would be OK and we would only be gone an hour. So, I pumped... I can't even tell you how weird that was. The things us women have to go through! :) We were gone about an hour and headed home. We got home and of course I march up to the back door and go in. That is where I was TOTALLY surprised! All of my closest friends were in my house yelling, "surprise!" It was awesome! I'm still in shock that Grant pulled it off without me figuring it out.

I was able to say hello to everyone and chat a little. But, the whole time I was downstairs all I could think about was Jake upstairs. So, I excused myself and went upstairs to see the little guy. I spent most of my party with the baby. I felt bad, but my first priority is Jake... not me. My mom came up and stayed with the baby while I went downstairs to talk more. Everyone understood that he's only a week old and that I'm so distracted lately. Grant wanted to make sure I felt loved... and I did! What a great guy! He planned everything and had decorations bought and ready for Katy to arrange while we were at dinner. It was great to see all my friends and family!

Thank you to all that came and made my night special! Thank you honey for a wonderful and memorable night! Thank you Katy and Kristyn for babysitting, and of course thank you mom for jumping in and watching Jake. I love you all!

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  1. happy birthday sister! what a sweet man you have :)


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