Friday, September 17, 2010

2 weeks

Jake is already 2 weeks old! He is such a good baby! He sleeps most the day unless he is hungry or needs to be changed. However as I type this blog he is wide away. He recognizes my voice and Grants and will try to focus in on us. He is beautiful. I know he is my son... but, really... he is beautiful. I can't wait until he comes into his own little personality and starts cooing and laughing. When he gets upset I kiss his face and talk to him... that usually calms him down.

My mom, dad, and Dylan left on Tuesday. I cried that entire day. I was so sad. I know I'm a 30 year old grown independent woman... but, it doesn't matter. I hate the fact they live far. My mom was absolutely amazing. She slept in our bed with me and would hand off the baby to me after she changed him so that I could feed him. We watched TV in the middle of the night, laughed, passed out, and even cried together. She bathed Jake, went to our appointments, cooked, and cleaned. When she left I felt like I was missing something. I miss her. Jake misses her. My dad walked Brady, took out the trash, and ran errands for me. They are amazing parents. I strive to be a parents like them.

When Grant walked in the door after dropping them off I felt at peace again. I have a good husband. He is loving, helpful, and sensitive to my crazy needs right now. He always wants to make me happy. Even though I miss my parents like crazy I have married a man that I am building a family with. What an amazing concept. Building a family. How do you become a good parent? I assume from trial, error, and faith in God. I'm glad Grant and I have the same morals and values to raise our little man... and more children in the future. I'm so excited for what the future holds. I pray for health and happiness and will continue to strive to be the best mommy, wife, and daughter I can be.

Today I went to my 2 week postpartum appointment. It went well. They took the tape off the wound and cleared me to be able to drive and do normal activities. I still have to take it easy and take pain medication if I need it. I stopped taking everything but my iron pills. But, sometimes I get some pain in the incision area. I go back again for my 6 week appointment. I feel pretty good. Lots of people have sent me messages about c-sections and what my thoughts are with them... So, I decided to list a pro and con list.

Con's (I like the negative first... ending on the positive):
  • Can't hold the baby after they are born
  • You have to go to recovery for several hours (I was in recovery for 3 hours... and I was totally fine with no complications), and still not see your baby
  • You have a catheter 
  • You have to keep the IV and catheter in for a full 24 hours
  • Taking out the catheter is a little awkward and then they make you get up to go to the bathroom. Have them help you and go slow.
  • Getting up when the baby cries is a challenge. You'll need help. 
  • Getting up once your laying down is a challenge in general.
  • Longer recovery time
  • Can't drive for 2 weeks
  • Longer stay in the hospital
  • Scar

  • Fast delivery
  • No pain with the contractions (even though my water did break and I was having contractions)
  • Spinal block numbs everything for up to 24 hours
  • Longer time in the hospital for aftercare
  • Your baby has a round shaped head 
  • Don't injure your body parts "down there"
  • Less bleeding "down there" postpartum
  • You can plan around the day chosen (if not an emergency)

In my opinion I would have still liked to have tried for a vaginal birth... but, the c-section was not terrible. The first week was the worst, but it gets better everyday! I stayed in the hospital for 3 days... that was helpful! Those first few days were the worst. By the 4th day I wanted to go home! It was nice having my family here and Grant to help out! Next birth I will probably try for a VBAC Vaginal birth after cesarean. That is if our next baby is NOT breech. :)

Here are a few pics from the week... I will continue to post more.

Jake at 2 weeks
Grant and Dylan
Grandma Spellman with Jake

Love and Cheers,

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  1. Jake is just so cute! I am glad to hear that you are recovering well! That is so important! I love your pro and con list, but would add to it...If you are induced, you also get a catheter (talk about gross and weird), and if you push the baby out fast enough, they will have a round head. I was so afraid Addison would have a cone head, but her head was perfectly round. Everyone thought she was a c-section baby. Wait until you hear Jake's first real coo and start to see his personality. By the first month, you will see it already, and it's amazing! Babies and the love you feel for them is like nothing else in the world. I am so glad that you are able to experience that with Jake!


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