Friday, September 24, 2010

3 weeks

I wish I had more time to blog... Actually, I wish I had more time to sleep! ;)

(Our mantle with flowers Grant bought me after a rough night)

Well, Jake hit 3 weeks on Wednesday... and poor baby has been getting gassy, and is having tummy pains. Apparently, these pains are very typical and generally start around 3 weeks of age. The worst sound in the world is hearing your little baby scream or cry because they don't feel well. I know it's totally normal the aches and pains he currently has... but, it makes me so darn nervous. So, I'm being proactive in my quest for Jake's happiness.

I went and saw Jake's pediatrician Dr. G on Tuesday and she seems to think I'm hyper lactating. Wait, what?! Basically, I produce too much milk and the baby is ingesting a lot all at once causing gas bubbles in his tummy. It's more technical than that... but, that is the round about version. So, I was told to contact a lactation specialist. She was great! She gave me tips about breastfeeding and pumping and I'm meeting with her on Tuesday to see my progress. Jake is a great eater! He latched on right away, takes the bottle if I pump, etc. His little body is mainly just adjusting to life in the outside world.

Our little man is getting so big! He is now wearing all 3 months of age clothing! And some of those aren't long enough. Today I was holding him and he started to laugh and then smiled really big! It made my day! Tummy time is great! He started lifting his head within the first 24 hours, and now he lifts up his leg and tries to roll over! My mom said I started walking at 7 months... wonder when this little guy will get up and go? I heard that boys take a little longer to get going then girls though.

This has been a good week for me personally. My body feels a little better everyday. I'm numb above the incision, and there is still pain... but, I see spin classes in my near future. I don't let things or sickness keep me down for long. I run around the house cleaning, cooking, and taking care of J. Grant and I even went to our first lunch as a family. Jake slept the entire time. We went to have Greek food and even enjoyed a glass of wine! That was fun! Tonight we went to dinner and Jake yet again slept through it. This time I enjoyed a wheat beer. :)

This weekend I hope to do a little shopping. I need to buy some clothes! This coming from someone that has a full closet, I know. But, I need some looser clothes until all the baby weight comes off. I have already lost 25 lbs! Tomorrow we'll be watching the Boise State vs. Oregon State game... YAY BRONCOS!

That just about sums up the last week. I will make sure I take more photos. We had a newborn session scheduled and I canceled it until October 4th. I can't wait to take some updated family pictures! 

Here are some photos from the week:

Hospital photo - 3 days old. (Just got these in the mail)
3 weeks old - fast asleep.
My little Bronco fan! (2 1/2 weeks)
GOOOO BOISE! (2 1/2 weeks)

Love and cheers,


  1. Girl, I had hyperlaction as well with Liam. I was the SAME way, on a quest to do something about it. :) Baby's cry for a reason darn it. :) For a long time, probably 3 months, I fed on one side only. Along with hyperlactation he might be getting too much foremilk. The hindmilk is more fatty which coats their little tummies more and is easier to digest then foremilk. They say not to pump the other side, and that your body will eventually adjust because the more you pump, the more milk your body will produce. But I couldn't bare the thought of that because that milk is gold... if it was there, I wanted to get it out. hehe. That way I could use it if needed.

    Also, you can try a nipple shield. They totally suck and are a huge inconvenience, but it totally helped with Liam. I only had to use it for a week or so.

    I also used Milacon at EVERY single feeding. Which was a HUGE help. I had to use it for like 4 months. My diet was seriously down to chicken, water, and bread. everything that I ate seemed to bother him. Dairy was a HUGE culprit in his gassyness.

    Ohhh, and it started at 3 weeks with Liam too! Good Luck!

  2. I have the opposite issue. I don't produce enough. My baby has laryngomalacia and had surgery at 11 wks so I have to pump and thicken her milk so she doesn't choke or aspirate. After surgery her appetite double over night and I haven't been able to catch up so I am forced to supplement. So count your blessing... I envy you! :) I will also say that the gas drops are awesome and your friend! They help so much! The best advice I will give you is to sleep when he sleeps. Everyone told me this but it didn't kick in til around 2 mths bc I was running on adrenaline I guess lol. But remember chores will wait or ask for help. Its important you rest as much as you can whenever you can. Take care! Happy you're both doing so well!

  3. Jake is seriously so cute! I just love his hospital picture. I am so glad to hear that someone elses baby held their head up within 24hrs! We always thought Addison was this super-strong crazy baby! Enjoy your time with him, and try to sleep. Seriously I never took a nap when Addison was sleeping. Even now I don't. There is just so much to get done while they sleep, but it definitely is important. I feel like I have aged 5 years from lack of sleep!

  4. Brooke-you look beautiful and Jake is a dream! Congratulations!


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