Thursday, January 29, 2015

A little bit of this... and a little bit of that.

This month has been a little crazy, because G has been out of town for business... A LOT! So, I've had to be creative with the things we do other than the usual... school, friends, sports, and church. I've had to mix things up to keep us all entertained... 

Buddies at church.
We've gone to Disneyland... Here are the boys looking at the map. Where to next mom!?
Grocery store. Yes... Jake goes out and about with that cowboy hat on. He's loves it. :)
Park with friends. I brought bubbles to the park... I had every kid running after the bubbles... and me!
We do lots of arts and crafts... gardening, bubbles, reading, puzzles, blocks, you name it...
And we had lots of snuggle times.
And much more. I'm usually too busy chasing the boys to take pictures! ha ha. I guess you can say we've been keeping pretty busy! We're very happy to have Grant back home. We've missed him dearly!

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