Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy heart.

Today while getting up before the kids wake up (they're up at 6am), trying to hurry and get ready for our busy day, I thought... "Maybe going to my mom's group at church is too much during this busy season we're in?"

I finished getting ready, got the kids ready, went to school, and then headed to church. Today our group was assigned to serve in the kids program, and help while the other moms where in lecture and small group.

I got there and dropped off Asher at his room (3's room), and went into Jake's room (4/5's room) with him. I've never served in the children's department, and I'm so glad I did!

It's so well run, and the women that volunteer their time really do love our children. They know our little ones by first name, know some of their personalities and how to react to them, teaching our children kind play, and most importantly teaching them all about God.

I knew that the church we have belonged to is amazing, but I really didn't know exactly what went on in children's program (structure wise). I know a few of the ladies that we see regularly on Thursday/Sunday, and I knew that the kids have fun, and are learning along the way... but, I didn't know the ins and outs and activities they did and how structured it was. They have crafts, play, read, snacks, and have a serious blast in there! No wonder my kids love going. I had fun too.

Jake's best friend from preschool comes to our church now too... his mom is in my group, and Blake is in the same room as Jake. While in the room, I was able to snap a few pics of these little buds in action.

Seeing the children interact after reading the books, and asking/answering questions about God, and teaching them that Jesus loves them no matter what warmed my heart. I literally got tears in my eyes. How amazing is that?

When we left, Jake said, "Mom, did you know that Jesus loves me when I'm happy and I'm sad? Also, when I'm scared? I'm never alone!" I said, "yes, buddy, aren't we lucky?" and he agreed. He also went on to say that he loves church SO much, and can't wait until he goes back.

With hectic schedules and running from one thing to the next. I never thought I've have time to serve in the children's program. I volunteer at EVERY event at the boys preschool, but I now plan on serving where I can at my church as well. Not just attending 2 days a week.

These silly little people.
I wasn't in Asher's room... but, here are both boys crafts from yesterday.
Happy Friday!

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