Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reflecting on time with family.

The last two weeks have been super fun! Having my parents here is so nice. I'm not used to having a whole lot of help, and I have to say... I got used to it. My parents are beyond helpful. My dad does stuff around the house, and plays sports with the boys, and my mom cooks, cleans, and loves on the boys. My brother, Dylan... well... is truly the best ever! To say my boys adore him is just the beginning. He's great with them. They are best buds. I'm so thankful for this time spent. It was truly wonderful having them here. My heart has hurt since they left, but I know we'll be seeing them soon! 

They came into town on Christmas eve and left yesterday. We celebrated Christmas Eve, and Christmas at our home, and then packed up and headed down to San Diego at our time share for a few days. 

It was a fun little getaway. Plus, we were able to spend time with my other brother who lives down south. The first day we hung out and Marty came over. The next day, my aunt, uncle, and cousin came down and we all went to dinner. It was really fun. 
Games and puzzles.
I forget what this game is called. Ninja something... ha ha.
Stone brewery. 
Family dinner on our last night. 

Vacation naps are the best.

Dylan and Asher. 
 My guys.
 They adore him. This picture is one of my faves from this visit.
 Pop pop and Jake.
 My sillies in their new PJ's.
 Ya Ya, Dylan, and Jake.
 We watched the Fiesta Bowl... AND BOISE WON! GO BOISE STATE BRONCOS!
We got our passes renewed and took Dylan to Disneyland. My parents took Asher for lunch and toy shopping!
Then after Disneyland, we had Korean BBQ with the whole family. My uncle and aunt are also amazing. It's been so nice having them so close. They do a lot for my boys, Grant and I. I can always count on them, and look forward to all their visits. My cousins are also great boys. My sons are so lucky to have so many men to look up to! 
I'm thankful for this family. I'm thankful for all the people that God has put in my life. It was a nice holiday for our family. Hope it was amazing for all of you too! 

Cheers to 2015!

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