Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Asher John!

Dear Asher,

Today is your second birthday. We celebrated with our closest friends yesterday. You had such a blast. And tonight for your actual day, we're going out for ice cream!

I want to see you happy... ALWAYS. I know this is impossible, but I will do my best to create a happy home. And I will be here for you with whatever life may throw at you. You can count on that. 

You are so similar and very different from your brother in many ways (funny, right?). I love all the differences you both have. It makes you both so very special to me. 

You are adventurous. Not sure you have much fear. You go for it.. full force! No one can tell you differently. Kick butt, and take names kinda kid. I love it. I don't worry about you with bullies. I think you'll put them in their place, and you'll protect others. 

You adore your brother. Where ever he goes... you want to go. In fact, when we drop your brother off at school you cry... every time. You hate seeing him go. When we go and pick him up, you run right into his classroom looking for him. He also adores you. If you aren't around, he's definitely asking where you are. :)

Everyone watches you. You're adorable. Seriously... you are beautiful! You are funny... SO VERY SILLY! You have amazing curly hair. I could go on and on. You are so very loved!

Asher means happy/blessing, and this is so true. We couldn't have picked a better name for you. You are happy. God has blessed you, and us with you. I hope to teach you more and more about our Lord. You love going to church and playing with the other kids. In September, we are starting you in the same Christian preschool as your brother. 

I hope you know how happy you make your father and I. You create even more joy in our home. I love having two beautiful, happy, and loving little boys. I'm proud of the little boy you are becoming, and can't wait for all the good that is in store for you. 

Happiest of Birthday's little man!

You are my sunshine, always and forever,

Your mommy.

The first moment I held you. Pure heaven. Perfect little baby boy. What a joyous day!
 1st birthday photo:
2nd birthday photo:
Let's enjoy another year! Kisses from your mommy!
 Next up... blog about your birthday celebration!

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  1. Pretty pleased to know about this birthday party. Last month, took help of internet and booked a lavish LA venue. Arranged my nephew’s birthday party and ordered an amazing 3-tier cake. Invited his friends and had a lovely party.


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