Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Asher's first official sport. And our first official parent drama.

What sport do you really put a 23 month old in? He did gymnastics, Gymboree, etc... but, I thought it might be nice to have a sport where he's running, starting to follow direction from an instructor, and be with other kids his age. Jake's class is at 10 am, and Asher's is at the same time. So, it works out perfectly. Grant goes with Jake, and I go with Asher... and then we switch halfway in. Asher's is parent participation... so, it's nice to have Grant jump in so I can sit out and watch Jake's. :)

Asher LOVES it!
Asher is clearly a whole head taller than ALL the kids in his class... which brings me to a story from last weekend...
Grant came over to Asher's class, and I went over to Jake's. About 15 minutes in I see Grant come back really angry with Asher in his arms. Apparently when they take the cones and try and catch the bubbles, Asher managed to run into one child 3 times. Asher didn't push the child, he plainly ran into him. The child's mom grabbed Asher by the arm and yelled to Grant, "watch your child... this has happened 3 times"... Grant obviously didn't handle that well... He fired back, "They're 2!!! They're all running into each other"... And then he walked away before it escalated anymore.

Grant didn't tell me that she grabbed Asher... can you imagine? I would have ran over and handled business. However, he did tell me about what she said. I grabbed Asher from Grant, and went back to our class. I went right up to her, looked her in the eyes, and put Asher back down. She looked away quickly, and kept her distance. NO ONE MESSES WITH MY CHILD. AND NO ONE WILL PUT THEIR HANDS ON MY CHILD AS WELL. PERIOD.

Knowing NOW she put her hands on Asher I'll make sure I stay in the class longer and be certain she doesn't put her hands on my child. I might even approach the organization about it. Everything in me wants to approach her directly... but, I have a feeling that won't go well. So, I'll be there next week... MAMA BEAR READY. Hopefully, she feels bad about her actions, and realizes that these are literally babies out there running around. NOT one of them are listening.
Jake and one of his buddies, Henry. Henry is my big bro from college's son. Funny all these years later and we are still all friends.
Jake is doing great and learning a lot, and Asher loves running around kicking the ball. I love sports, so I can't wait until they get older and play more. It's so fun!

Until next week!

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  1. I'd go to the organization Brooke! Once when I was coaching cheer in HS I had a parent get in my face and yell at me - a volunteer coach. She was banned from practice for the rest of the year after that. She has no right to touch your son - they are 2 and running around. She can't protect her kid forever and it was a TOTAL accident. Just because Asher is a little bigger doesn't give her the right to assume he's older, meaner, or shouldn't be able to play like the rest of the kids. Seriously, go to the company. They have a responsibility to keep your kids safe and INSANE parents like her in check.


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