Saturday, March 1, 2014

Art party - Asher's 2nd Birthday Party

With Asher turning 2, Jake 3 1/2, and their buddies that are around the same age, I wanted to throw a party that was age appropriate. I was hesitant of putting "games" together. I think it would have been harder for the kiddos that were 2 to follow directions. So, I came up with a party idea that kids could be creative at all ages. Just letting parents know ahead of time what kind of party it was going to be. I said, "dress for creativity." I LOVE my kids to do art projects at home, and love their masterpieces. So, then I thought, it would be super fun to host an art party for Asher's closest friends.

I know I tend to go over board on parties... but, I can't help it. Once I get planning, I go crazy. I LOVE decorating, and partying with family and friends. he he. Nothing me makes me happier than my kiddos having fun. So, there I went. 

I made all the candy, dipped pretzels, and dipped paint brush rice crispy treats. I was going to make all the cupcakes, but my local market had such an amazing deal, I couldn't pass it up. It was cheaper for me to buy them, than make them. I like the homemade approach to the party. I actually enjoy putting everything together. 

What can be challenging is doing everything with two toddlers. ;) But, I always manage! And to my surprise, all the kids (possibly parents also) had a blast!
Here is the set up... click on the picture for closer details.
I made rice crispy treats, put sprinkles on them, added craft sticks, and then dipped them in candy melts. 
When all the kids walked in, the first thing they saw was this table. All kids got to wear an art apron. 
Then the kids came around the corner and where instructed to take an art basket.
I made art baskets for each of the children. Each bucket included the following:
- 8X10 Flat canvas
- plastic paint pallet
- canvas bag to take the painting home
- clear mug for the kids to decorate
- play doh
- bubbles
More party details. 
Then moving right along to the backyard. 
I had a children's table set up for all the crafting! Brushes, paints (washable), more bubbles, and chalk all on the table as well.
Jake, my handsome boy (3 1/2). 
Asher, my beautiful 2 year old.
We had a total of 12 kiddos. Of course with 2 and 3 year old kids... no one looked at the same time. 
Asher had such a fun day!
Until the next party!


  1. that was such an awesome party! lexi still talks about what a great time she had~ totally admire your party made it both stylish and very kiddo friendly~ super love!!

    1. Thanks Rachel! So glad you came! Make sure you check out our new family blog... xo


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