Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kids are funny.

Yesterday, I picked Jake up from school, and he handed me a cereal box. I asked Jake what it was... Puzzled, I told Jake to put it back where he got it from, and that it wasn't ours.

The teacher came up to me and said, "Isn't that Jake's box?", still puzzled, I said, "no." She began to tell me that the children shared their favorite cereal box. And that when that box was pulled out, Jake claimed it was his. No one said anything else, and Jake walked around the classroom telling his classmates that was his favorite cereal.

I started hysterically laughing. Jake didn't want to take a box of cereal for show and tell yesterday... He brought Buzz Lightyear. The teacher, other moms, and I couldn't stop laughing. By the way... his buddy, Blake, brought in a blue truck for show and tell. Jake usually brings in what he's supposed to... but, today he was dead set on Lightyear. The teacher doesn't mind, and long as the children get up and share what they brought. ;)

Jake is too much. He claimed it, and said how much he liked it... Never actually trying it. So, we took the box with us (since no other child said it was theirs), and went home. When we got out of the car, Jake was still holding it. He demanded that I go to Target (I know... we go there a lot!), to get him a box.

KIDS?! RIGHT?! Too funny.
 Silly boy.
Happy weekend!

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