Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Ya Ya's.

Sounds like a song, right? My mom came into town a few weeks ago to help me with the boys, garden, and hang out! Then my grandma came into town to help with the boys when Grant and I were going to Paso Robles for a wedding. The last few weeks have been awesome. I've had family here almost nonstop. Since it's been a full house, its a little lonely now. Jake keeps looking for his ya ya's. I keep telling him we'll see them soon at their home in Idaho. He just looks at me like I'm crazy. :)

My mom came into town for an extended weekend and help me garden the entire backyard. She tore out rose bushes, replanted trees, new bushes, and flowers. I need to post a few before and after pictures of that this week. It's looks totally different now. My mom has a total green thumb. The boys LOVED running around and snuggling with their ya ya. I loved having my mom around to talk to non stop. Thanks mommy!

My uncle and cousins came over a few times and we were able to barbecue and hang out. My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE their big cousins, and my uncle and aunt. Jake just wont leave Mitch and Bryan alone. Bryan and I are the exact age apart as Jake to him.
My mom went to the store and bought Jake and Asher bubbles and balls... They were in heaven. Jake cried when "HIS YAYA" left. He said, "ya ya's all mine!"
Then... another beauty came into town. Even at 78 she's still got it. She rolled around with the boys, helped me feed them, etc. She can't lift them though. They're almost as tall and weigh as much as her! SERIOUSLY. :) 
I was in a wedding for one of my best friends over the weekend, so she stayed and helped our babysitter Amelia. Good thing I had two here to help. The boys can be a hand full! Jake yet again got sad another ya ya left. It's hard enough for me to deal with it... but, now my baby is starting to experience sadness when they leave. Hopefully, we can plan a long trip there soon!
Now that they are gone, I'm left a little sad... but, thankful for all that they have done for me all through my life. I'm a lucky girl. I just wish they were around all the time. Guess we need to start planning our Boise vacation?!

Next blog coming soon...

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