Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jake turns 2! Pocoyo themed birthday party!

I thought time passed quickly before I had children... But, I had NO idea how fast it really goes since becoming a parent. The reason... I'm not only aging... so are my babies! Jake turned 2 this weekend. Even though I have a very busy toddler, and a busy (almost crawling) 6 month old... I would NOT miss an opportunity to celebrate in style. Yes, that means all out birthday celebration. :)

Jake continues to grow and amaze me. I love and adore him so much! No matter what goes on during my day, he brings me so much happiness. He has so many strengths that will make him such a successful man one day. Looking back on the last two years really makes me smile. I have tears in my eyes with the joy that this little guy brings to me on a daily basis. His big smile, and funny sayings crack me up through out the day. I love him more than life itself! How lucky I am to be a mommy. I love my boys. Jake was my first buddy. My little man, that went everywhere, and did everything with me. We figured it out together. Just our little family of 3. We've grown so much in the last year, haven't we? Adding Asher to this mix earlier in the year was also such a blessing. Jake has been such a wonderful big brother. He loves and cares about Asher so much already! They are best buds.

When Jake goes down for the night, all I can think about is him waking up! I love hearing his little voice around 7am, playing in his crib. I walk in and he's so happy to see me! He yells out, "mama!" It's such a great way to start my morning! And when he goes to bed, he runs around and gives us all kisses before he heads to bed. He's the sweetest. 

This week I take both my babies in for their check ups. I take Jake for his 2nd year appointment, and Asher for his 6 month! WOW! Thank goodness my grandma is going with me! I'm going to need the back up! Poor babies... both getting shots. I will blog about that later this week.

Jake is such an amazing little man, I'm so proud to be his mommy, and I look forward to all the steps/milestones in his life. I already get emotional when I look back at all the videos from just when Asher was born. I always look at him to be this big boy. Such a smart kid. Even though I look at and say he's the big brother, he really is only my 2 year old little baby. Jake is such a wise little man. He's so helpful, and lovable. I'm so blessed, and thankful everyday for this little munchkin.

I am lucky. I am blessed. I am thankful. I pray for my life to continue down this beautiful path we are on. Thank you Lord, for everything in my life! God is GREAT!

Now... on to the pics from the party:

Look at this happy 2 year old!

The dessert table. I had the food on another table in the shade. I ordered Baja Senora!


 Asher had his Pocoyo shirt on also.

 Some of the guests outside. Half of the guests where inside too. It was so hot out! The AC was perfect for the little ones! There were 11 toddlers, and 11 infants!

 Jake and his bestie, Victoria.

At this point, Jake was so tired. He wasn't even all that interested in his cupcake. Grant and I tried to make him smile for the pic....

 And then we gave up... and laughed about it! ha ha.

Lizzie and I!

My VERY tired birthday boy! He fell asleep at 2pm, and was out until almost 4. Then he went down for the night around 7:30pm! He had a blast with all of his friends.

Thank you to all that came and celebrated our sons birthday. Grant, Jake, Asher, and I had a really great time! It was so nice spending this day with all of our closest friends! Until next year! Or... until Asher's birthday! ;)

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  1. Such a cute party!!!! And, I LOVE your dress!!! Great color! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!


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