Wednesday, September 19, 2012

32 years young.

That's me. 32 now. I remember thinking back when I was 18, what am I going to be like when I'm 30? The funny thing is that then (18 year old self), thought I'd just be working, and living the city life. I wasn't sure about kids. But, I guess at 18... what do you know... and what do you think?

As much as I liked working and my sales career, I have to say, I was meant to be a stay at home mom (just saying what works for me and my family... not what I think for others). I'm so happy that I met Grant, we got married, and we had our boys. I can't imagine my life any other way. Even with my most tired days I'm glad I'm a mom to these boys. I can always go back to work when they're grown or in school... but, until then... I get to see them grow. And they are growing fast!

At 32, I have a loving (handsome) husband, beautiful healthy children, amazing family and friends that I can count on. What more can I ask for? This week Grant took me out on my actual birthday to one of our favorite local restaurants, we relaxed, watched the sunset over the marina, and drank wine. It was a busy week with Grant working a ton, and me with the kids being busy. I was ready to relax. It was peaceful and fun. Then over the weekend I went to dinner with a few friends (the besties that were in town).

The funniest thing is that a few of my girlfriends called me and asked what I was doing on Thursday (the 13th - my actual birthday), and I corrected them and said my birthday was actually on Wednesday (the 12th - and it isn't). I am so busy planning my kiddos birthdays, and doing activities with them, that I had forgotten my own birthday. hmm.

The older I get, I'm more thankful for those in my life I can count on and I love with all my heart. Thank you for everyone that made me feel special.

And what would my blog be with out a baby update?

The biggest birthday present I got this week/weekend was being out to dinner on my actual birthday.

While Grant and I were out to dinner, I texted the babysitter to check in. The return text said, "OMGOSH...." She went on to say that when she put Jake and Asher in the bath she noticed something floating in the bath water. She moved Jake, nothing. She moved Asher, and poop! LOTS OF POOP in the bath! She grabbed Jake out, then grabbed Asher, and began to clean the bath tub. She said it was chaos. Then after it was all clean, they went back into the bath. She said it was the grossest thing she's ever seen. UMM... WOW! That has NEVER happened to me! She said, that Asher seemed so happy after the explosion. Can you imagine? YIKES! Thank you Amelia for handling that!

Now... on to the other happenings of Asher Stone.

He is growing so fast! He's crawling, going from crawling to sitting, and now pulling up onto things. Not officially standing, but he's trying to. Here's a picture of him trying to pull up on his big brother. Jake is pretty patient with him. Thank goodness! They are best friends already. It's awesome. Having them close together was such a blessing!

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