Friday, July 20, 2012

Who gets sick in the summer?

The Stones do!

HA! Just kidding. I've been pretty lucky so far with illnesses in this house. Jake hasn't really been all that sick. He's had fevers here and there... but, nothing serious. He mainly worries me with his adventurous behavior. ha!

But, now... my poor little Jakey is sick. It all start last weekend, when he was running a fever. I had it controlled with Acetaminophen and Motrin when necessary. I thought it was because he has 4 more teeth coming in. 2 nights ago he wouldn't go down to bed and just cried and cried, until I went in and got him. He slept in our bed on Wednesday evening. The next day he was perfect. Again, chalking it up to teething. Until today at around 3am... Both kiddos were fast asleep... Then I heard crying, coughing, and a little wheezing coming from the monitor.

It continued long enough that I wasn't going to leave him in there getting hysterical. I went in with the humidifier and picked him up. Changed his diaper, and held him. He was having trouble breathing. All that noise worried me. I called for Grant. He came and brought my cell phone. He didnt like what he saw or heard either. I called our doctor.

The doctor wanted me to take him into the ER if I couldn't get him comfortable. We were instructed to take him outside, so that he could breath in the cold air, and then take him back in to a steamed bathroom. So, there we went. By this time it was 4am. Do I take him to the ER, where he could possibly get sicker or wait hours until we are seen? Grant and I made the decision for me to lay back down and be next to Asher, and that he would stay with Jake to watch him. Grant said that if he looked like he was getting worse or didn't fall back asleep with him, we would go.

I tossed and turned out of worry... but, Jake was sound asleep on his daddy's chest. Finally it became 7am. I had our babysitter at our house, Grant left to a meeting, and I was on the phone with the doctors office. WE MADE IT! Oh... and Jake was his wild self! Running around, skipping, and dancing. Hmm....

He was still sick, and I wasn't going to skip the doctor. I took him in and they said he has croup. He also has an ear infection in his left ear. Oh and to make matters worse... he does have more teeth coming in! Poor kid!

Good news... he has Amoxicillin going, and no fever. I hope we can make it through the night with no tears. Just good rest. I'm trying my best to keep the boys separate... but, it's so hard when they are already playing together. I keep washing everything, and making sure that they are playing in opposite sides of the room.

Asher has been a little fussy when it comes to nap time...

Here are some pics from Wednesday night...
Here's a picture from today. I had to run an errand with my little man. He was a trooper. He put his glasses on and we marched into Target. I made sure I had the protective fabric over the cart, and I wiped it down afterword so no one gets sick. 

Praying for my little guy and a quick recovery! He looks stylish even when sick, right?

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