Friday, July 20, 2012

Rolling Stones

We are just cruising through summer over here! It's already mid July, and we will soon be celebrating Jake's 2nd birthday! It's crazy to think that's just around the corner! We have been so busy either traveling, working, playing with the kids, etc, I have had much time to blog.

I have some pictures from the past few weeks of the kids... Jake is currently 22 months, and Asher is 4 months old. Next week Asher turns 5 months old! WOWSERS!

We've had lots of beach/bay days...

Grant's brother came into town for a meeting and stayed with us. He was able to hang with the boys, and meet Asher. :)
 Asher is not only rolling all over, but he's loving his bouncers! He is so active. He just wants to be in the middle of all the action! Ash is so strong! Tonight I'm starting him on rice cereal... hope that he likes it! Next week we will start baby food! This weekend we'll go to the Farmer's Market and I will buy the freshest veggies for his food! I can't wait!
 He is really the cutest thing I've ever seen... other than Jakey of course! I LOVE MY BOYS!

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