Friday, May 25, 2012

Asher 3 months

As I said in my last post, not much has changed in the world of Asher. He's sweet, loving, and for the most part easy going. He loves to watch all of us, and smile. When we start talking to him, he talks right back. He's a talker... just like... oh wait... Looks like he has a talkative mommy and daddy! ;) He's very observant. I can't wait to see how personality develops over the next few months. He's very much like Jake in the fact that they are very alert, and communicative. He is different in the way he will let us put him down. Jake LOVED to be held. It was hard to put him down in the beginning. Asher LOVES to be held too, but he won't cry or fuss if you put him down to do something. He's super chill.
Lots of people (including myself) like to try and figure out who the babies look like... But, I remember my great grandmother telling us kids that we look like ourselves. How great is that answer? I like to think that my kids are the best of Grant and I. Even though Jake is Grant's miniature... He is still part of me... somewhere in there. ha ha. And even though Ash takes a little more after my family... there pops up Grant's adorable dimples. I wish I had dimples! I always wanted them. Now, my baby has them! yay!

Asher has been sleeping pretty darn good too! WAY better than Jake did. Jake was up every 3 hours at this particular time. Asher goes down around 9pm and stays down until 3:30am. Last night he was out until 4:30am. Then he was up talking to me for a half and hour. Finally he fell back asleep until 6:30am, and then back out until 8am. :)

He's a big boy. He's in 12 month onesies. I just got in the mail all of his new clothes from BABY GAP. I bought lots of Jake's things from the GAP as well. They have adorable baby/toddler clothes. I bought 12-18 months. I like their clothes to fit a little loose. Who likes to wear tight things? I'm not exactly sure how much he weighs. Next month he goes back for more shots, and will be measured. Right now, I just enjoy this precious little baby. I don't want him to grow up already. I love seeing Jake and Asher interact. Jake gives Asher kisses all through out the day. It's very sweet. Asher lights up when Jake walks in the room. It melts my heart and makes me smile. :)
Have a great weekend!

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