Saturday, June 2, 2012

A week in photos. Jake (21 months) - Asher (14 weeks - 3 months)

This week, Jake turned 21 months, and Asher is 14 weeks (3 months). These boys keep me on my toes, and extremely busy! Being a stay at home mom of 2 boys, under 2, and 17 months apart is not for the weary. But, it really makes my heart full of happiness and joy. Seeing them do funny things and learning all day is the best!

Jake continues to amaze me with his strength, and problem solving. It's scary how smart he is. He is a master at puzzles, and loves to color. He loves playing soccer, and basketball outside as well. He's still not a fan of his private swimming lessons. The instructor said its because we aren't with him. The kid generally loves water and the pool....apparently not with strangers! Ha! Anyhow, we continue the lessons every Saturday anyhow! He does a great job with the floating on his back. And every lesson gets better. :)

Asher is the coolest little monkey ever! He's so chill and happy! He always wants to sit up! He doesn't like to lay down. Especially with all the action in our home with Jake! He hates tummy time, but rocks it anyhow. He would just prefer being a big kid. I have a feeling that he will be walking on the quicker side so that he can up to his older brother.

I think being a mom the second time around is much easier. I know Ash is easy going, but I know what to do in just about every circumstance. I know what will happen next, etc. Looking back, and the thoughts I had about how tough it was with 1... makes me chuckle! hahahaha! Yes, that many laughs. It was SO easy with just 1. However, adding another in the mix isn't as bad as everyone said it would be. I'm organized, and so ready for the challenge. I love my life. I love  my boys. It's a blast! Even my tough days end well. When Jake is climbing on everything, and Asher is fussy... Jake will sit in my lap and hug and kiss me. Asher will shoot me a smile that melts me. Or Grant will walk in the door, right at the perfect time and swoop one of the boys in his arms. :)

We have a few of our vacations planned for the summer. Should be interesting traveling with the 2 under 2. I thought I did great with just Jake... But, I'm not gonna lie... With Jake as active and another in the mix... I'm a little scared. I'll get through it though. The things ya do for family, right? ;) Asher will be dedicated by Pastor Tom in Boise this July! Jake was dedicated by him last July! I'm so excited for that!

Well, it's time for swimming... Here's some pics from my cell:

My little coffee buddy in the morning:
He loves to sit up and is totally alert!
Jake and Elijah and Auntie Lizzie's house.
My boys lounging together:
The moments that I treasure. I have these pictures when Jake was really little also. He will never be this young again. I could hold and snuggle all day. I absolutely adore my boys! :)
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