Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mom of boys...

I have read so many blogs, emails, poems, and so on in regards to this topic. All are heart felt. All are great. I started to think... why haven't I written on this topic? After all, I am a mom to a boy... and another on the way, right?

Growing up I wasn't sure I would have kids. I thought a career, and buying all the designer items was the ONLY way to live. WRONG. Dylan (my younger brother was born when I was 23), my life changed. This little boy was everything to my family (and still is), and I wanted one... one day! Then, I met the man of my dreams. Loving, kind, loyal, sensitive, and most of all... patient. Someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Then the talks began. Kids. My husband wanted lots of kids (He told me this from the start... and he wanted them right after we got married too). I knew I wanted 2. I knew I wanted a boy. I always knew I wanted a little boy named Jake. Then God blessed us with him.

How amazing is that? How amazing is it that God is blessing me with another little boy? This will be a house full of little men. Wait, nothing is little in this house... but, ME! I'm 5'4. These boys will protect and love me FOREVER! I'm so lucky!

I have written many letters to my little monkey Jake, and I will continue to. Just like my mom did for my brother and I. When she was happy with us... and when she was mad with us. ;) Grant and I have talked over and over if we will have more kiddos one day and that is still undecided... as for now. I will love and cherish the men in my life. I will strive to be the best mommy/wife I can be. That is what I was meant to be.

Until, March... Here is a letter to my main little man:

Jake Bowman,

 You are beautiful, inside and out. I look at you several times a day and wonder how I got so lucky to be your mommy. I love hearing you say... mama. Even if your screaming it. ;) They are the sweetest words. I am your mommy. A very proud mommy. You are so special to me, and everything you do amazes me. Watching you grow into a little boy is priceless. Your growing so fast! Sometimes I wish time would stop. Mainly while I'm holding you and your staring back.

I know there will be many bruises, stitches, and perhaps broken bones in the future... I am prepared to be your nurse. I'm excited to sit on the side lines and scream for you at ALL your sporting events. I'm prepared to take you to your first day of school... and NOT cry. I'm ready for that first heartbreak too. And it will take everything your father has to hold me back from getting involved. I will be here for everything you go through. I will try and make you happy when your sad, and laugh with you when your happy!

I will raise you to love your brother more than anything. I will raise you both to care and protect each other... even when your so mad at each other. You both will fight... but, you will ALWAYS make up. If I do anything in this world it will be for you 2 to be very successful, in everything you do. Always striving for the absolute best.

Thank you for enchring my life with so much love and happiness everyday.

Love you forever,

PS. Your dad loves you so much, and is just as proud as I am. He's not a blogger though. ;) Here is a song that your dad had me listen to when we found out that you were a boy. I had tears in my eyes, and still get teary eyed listening to it. You look so much like your daddy! We'll have to see "if your anything like him".
Brad Paisley - Anything like me.

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