Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our growing family!

This past week we flew to Oklahoma to visit family. This was Jake's 5th time on a plane, so I wasn't too worried about the way he would react. However, now that he's super mobile I didn't realize how much of a difference that could make!

First off, he didn't sleep... at all! ;) He was pretty good... but, he just wanted to get down and check out everything. Finally after 3 hours of play (on our laps) we were there!

It was nice seeing my sisters in laws, brother in law, and mother in law. It's pretty cool seeing our families grow. All the little boys are going to have fun growing up together. They are all close in age too. Jackson is 4, Jake is 1, and Miller is 3 months. Lee Anne and I are both pregnant with little boys too. Looks like our due dates are like 2 days apart. So, we just may have these little ones on the same day or close! Can you imagine getting the family together when there are 5 boy cousins running around? ;)

The second night we were there Grant and I had a little scare. Jake woke up around 10pm screaming. I couldn't console him. After 2 hours of crying, he threw up all over me. Mass amounts too. The screaming continued. If you know Jake... you know that this is a very happy child! And this is also a child that sleeps completely through the night as well. He didn't have a fever, but something was off. I called our pediatrician in CA. The pediatrician said to take him to the ER. So, Grant and I went to the Children's Hospital ER. Turns out he may have just had a little virus he picked up from the plane or ate something funny during the day. Either way, he was OK! No medicine necessary. I just gave him LOTS of liquids and made his diet easy on his tummy. It was pretty scary. Being far from home and worried about getting home. He was so much better the next day, so our flight was actually pretty pleasant.

Here is a little video of Jake in the ER (at 3am). Being his normal silly self!

Other than that... everything else was great! It was so wonderful seeing Grant's family! I love spending time with Jackson, and now Miller! I'm glad I was able to spend time with Miller, feeding him, watching him sleep and snuggling. The time goes by so fast! I'll never forget it. I love my nephews to pieces!

Here are some pics from the trip. I didn't take many... we were so busy!
 Jake giving Miller kisses!
 Brother and sister... and their babies!
 Jake's new thing... He puts his arms in the air and says. "DID IT"! So cute!
On our way home at the airport an elderly lady said my daughter was beautiful... I said, "Thank you, but Jake is a boy". She said he was so pretty, and had beautiful hair! So, today... I decided to take Jake in for another hair cut! This kid has LOTS of hair! He LOVED the place I took him today. He got to sit in a car, watch Elmo, and have fun. It was super kid friendly, and the hairdressers are great!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


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