Friday, December 2, 2011

15 months

Jake is 15 months old. He's such a big boy! He loves to explore and get into everything. It's funny when you look back at pictures from just a few months ago and see how different they look. They do grow up fast, so I'm just trying to take it all in. Not only does he have 4 teeth now... but, he's also getting 4 more in! His teeth come in 4's. Poor little monkey! He's doesn't even complain about them. I heard the molars are the worst though... Bracing myself for that one!

Grant and I have actually been utilizing our passes to Disneyland! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Have I mentioned that before? I have been really excited to head there for all the decorations! We have only been going in the morning lately. So, our next trip will have to be in the early evening... I heard it's snowing on Main St! The only snow we'll have down here unless we head to the mountains, or fly to visit family. ;)

I just wanted to share a few pics. Jake is REALLY big into giving kisses right now. I guess it's a combination of him seeing Grant and I kiss... and Grant and I kissing him. Grant literally has this little guy come running up to us kissing us! It's adorable. He's so cuddly. I just love the affection. Hoping he loves his brother this much in March too! Wonder if they'll look alike? Or maybe this baby boy will look like me? What are the chances? ;)

 He's loves the Tiki Room, Small World, and EVERYTHING in Toon Town. He mainly loves to run off on his own and explore. Now that I'm 6 months pregnant, I need Grant to go and chase after him. I just take pictures and push the stroller. he he.
 Jake marched right into Mickey's house. Here is Jake sitting on Mickey's chair! That kid LOVES Mickey Mouse. He officially has 6 Mickey's. Yep. No lie.
 Yesterday we went to South Coast Plaza to see Santa. I made sure I did a little research first though. Santa's have always scared me... just a little. This Santa didn't look so scary. He was pretty friendly as well. It's not like Victoria and Jake can tell him what they want for Christmas. It's more for the memories we can give them later. Remember when... right?

Here is Jake and his best friend Victoria. They are 3 weeks apart. :)


  1. Too cute! I'm a new follower from BloggyMoms. Your blog is wonderful & your family is adorable. I look forward to your future posts!

  2. I love his super cute Santa photo! I'm following from the Ex. 99% blog hop.


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